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Vulnerability Management

Our Vulnerability Management solutions provide continuous, proactive scanning and identification of potential breach points in your attack surface. We utilise both consultant-led engagements and automated solutions with remediation to ensure your computer systems, networks, and applications are safe from the threat of cyberattack and data breach.

Vulnerability management is a key component and often the primary method to stay ahead of hackers and threat actors. The overall objective of vulnerability management is to reduce your risk of exposure by mitigating as many vulnerabilities as possible.

Supply Chain Cyber Ratings

Most companies now rely on third parties or trusted partners to deliver some element of their business, and information about customers and other private data is usually spread among several organisations delivering these services.

Securing your supply chain is more important than ever. As larger companies have improved their information security in recent years, adversaries have looked to find easier ways of compromising their targets. Cybercriminals and state-actors are therefore increasingly looking to compromise these softer targets and exploit the relationship of trust they have with the larger entities, in what is called a supply chain compromise.

Our Cyber Risk Rating solution helps companies identify the different type and levels of vulnerability and threats that different companies in a supply chain have. Crucially, it also helps companies – and their suppliers – identify, understand, and mitigate these threats and vulnerabilities, and make themselves less attractive from an attacker’s perspective.

Consultant Led Security Testing

Proactive cyber defence validation is one of the best ways to keep your data safe from breaches and other cyber threats. Our consultant-led security testing will help you identify and address any weaknesses in your systems and infrastructure before they can be used against you.

We can provide a complete and comprehensive view of your security posture, including internal, external, cloud, platform configuration, and web applications.

Find and eliminate security gaps and vulnerabilities before they impact your business.

Managed Risk

Many organisations struggle with the complexity of identifying and managing security risks within their environment. Often, even fundamental information like what assets exist, which systems have vulnerabilities, and which systems are not configured properly is hard to obtain. When this information is available it usually overwhelms the security team because existing tools generate too many alerts and lack context. As they struggle with what to do next and how to prioritise, these risks pile up and leave the organisation vulnerable to threats and damaging data breaches.

Our Managed Risk service enables you to continuously scan your networks, endpoints, public assets, and cloud environments to quantify digital risks. Security operations experts work directly with you to discover risks beyond simple vulnerabilities, benchmark the current state of your environment, and implement risk management processes that harden your security posture over time.

Configuration Validation

Security risks due to misconfigurations are a major pain point for all organisations. Over 80% of ransomware attacks can be attributed to misconfigurations and overlooked legacy or default settings. Traditional configuration management is manual, time consuming and can be ineffective.

At NG-IT, we utilise automated tools providing continuous monitoring and automatic remediation, with zero impact of security risks caused by misconfigurations and policy non-compliance on endpoint devices. It’s fast, accurate and secure, greatly reducing risk, remediation time, and the associated costs.

Automated Pen Testing

As networks, users, devices, and applications constantly change and expose vulnerabilities as a result, it is critical to pen-test more frequently. Our fully automated, agent-less solution ensures you are always able to validate security of your infrastructure to maintain increased vigilance. Our automated pen test solution allows you to frequently verify your infrastructure security and patching practices. This intelligent machine-speed tool will seek out and attempt to exploit system misconfigurations and vulnerabilities just like a hacker but without the devastating consequences.

The on-board remediation WIKI’s deliver clear and prioritised instructions on how to address configuration issues and close-down the vulnerabilities in your security. The ability to control and perform frequent pen testing using in house resource will improve the skill sets within your IT team and in-turn help elevate your security status beyond the basic requirements of compliance and the limitations associated with annual or infrequent penetration testing.

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