The Admins Worst Nightmare: Support Zombies

Let me make this clear, when I say ‘Support Zombies’ I am not asking you to support the plight of misunderstood Zombies, about how they are victimised and attacked simply because of the way they look and sound. Yes they try to eat people, but zombies have eat needs too.

Instead, this is a reference to ‘Zombified’ Support Teams who are slow to react, struggle to process information critical to solving issues and generally oblivious to the admins need for help to achieve a resolution. Instead, these teams are focused on blindly following process, requesting logs, passing you from zombie to zombie, until eventually you speak to the right Support Zombie who is perhaps able to help you in your hour of need (or wish you’d been eaten by them).

elp, this is probably the administrators greatest fear.

Nimble Storage knows the value of resolving problems quickly, and to avoid the Zombie Apocalypse, they have built the following support service from the ground up to be the very best:

  • Support was inherent in the design of the Nimble Storage array – it lacks complexity and is easy to use and manage.
  • They built InfoSight – a cloud based analytics platform that ingests up to 70 million data points from each array every day.
  • Heartbeats are sent from each array every 5 minutes with a subset of the daily telemetry to keep InfoSight up to date with what is happening on the array.
  • Employ a team of Data Scientists to do modelling, correlations and other cool stuff with all of this telemetry.
    Developed Proactive Wellness, an intelligent way for the system to identify potential issues and alert you in advance.
  • Only employ 3rd line Support Engineers, with experience of Storage, Networking, Servers, Hypervisors and mainstream applications.
  • Provide a secure VPN tunnel that can be enabled to allow a access to Nimble Storage array.

What this means is InfoSight will monitor your system for you and raise alerts if there is an issue. For minor issues, it will recommend a fix and provide instructions on how to resolve the issue. The Nimble array management is easy so you can do it yourself quickly.

If there is a serious issue that is affecting business applications, you can pick up the phone to Nimble Support and speak directly with a 3rd line engineer who can help you immediately. Nimble do not employ 1st or 2nd line call logging ‘zombies’, so no fear of you getting ‘passed around’ in a zombie buffet.

The Support Engineer has up to date telemetry from your array to start troubleshooting the issue immediately from actual information.

If the Support Engineer needs more information, you can enable the Secure VPN tunnel and allow the Engineer access to your array, so they can troubleshoot directly on the array.

This is why, when you have an issue, Nimble Storage can act fast and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Last but not least, the telemetry from your array is available to you, via the InfoSight Portal, giving you a whole host of information about performance, capacity, data protection and VM analytics at your fingertips, at no additional cost.
Now that’s a treat with no tricks.