Scale to Fit Storage with Nimble Storage

Back in the day, having less space is impossible when you have a lot of things to compile and keep, but through the advances made with technology today, papers and documents can now be kept virtually, In as small as a flash drive.

This also applies within a business, especially if you are running an information technology-related business, as increasing storage needs require a smarter storage solution. This is what brought Nimble Storage to create the CASL (Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout) architecture. When your company requires many applications and services you do not want to be slowed down by a limited storage capacity. 

In modern data centres, there is a growing demand for faster performance, easier scalability, increased data protection and simplicity. Nimble Storage makes it possible to fulfill all these demands, whether you are a midsize deployment with 100 users or a large enterprise with thousands by utilising “Scale To Fit” capabilities.

CASL’s ‘Scale To Fit’ capabilities have made it possible and simple to scale your storage needs without disruption. Storage can be increased to hundreds of Terabytes, and performance can be enhanced by the addition of higher capacity SSDs.

By combining these technologies, Nimble Storage can provide ground breaking performance within a small rack-form factor.  By utilizing fast in line compression the CASL architecture can provide savings in rack space, power and cooling, and ongoing management expense.

For example, Nimble Storage boasts the ability to run 40,000 Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes off of a 12 disc system, comparatively;

  • Dell Compellent runs 10,000 mailboxes using 72 disk drives.
  • Dell EqualLogic runs 10,000 mailboxes using 32 disk drives.
  • NetApp runs 12,000 mailboxes using 64 disk drives.
  • EMC uses 34 disk drives for 10,000 mailboxes.

The above comparisons are based on an independent Microsoft Review Framework designed to offer vendors the means to show case their best configurations. The details for all submissions can be found here:

It is easy to see that Nimble Storage has developed a smarter solution for business data storage, and provides the ability to store more data in less space than possible with competing data storage solutions.