Scale out….without the Fuss.

With the release of Nimble OS 2.x, Nimble Storage have introduced Scale Out capability for their Hybrid Storage Arrays.
Nimble Storage have always promoted Scale to Fit, an architecture design that allows the system to scale in the areas where it is required, be it Capacity, CPU performance or simply more Cache, effortless with no downtime. They have now gone beyond this simple scale up model to also include Scale out, making it easy to expand both capacity and performance.

The scale out architecture allows the CS arrays to be joined together and managed as a ‘single’ logical device, combining the capacity and performance of all of the systems. Initially only 4 CS Arrays can be clustered together, however we can see this number increasing over the coming months. More importantly, there is no limitation in what can be clustered together; any model in the range whether it be the CS220 or the CS460 can be clustered together seamlessly. The need for a simple solution that can be scaled out easily (non-disruptively) to cater for unexpected growth and increased demands will be welcomed by most customers, whilst retaining a single familiar management interface.

Some of the highlights of scale out are as follows:

• Single-console management of all storage hardware resources as a single storage entity
• Dynamic load balancing to eliminate performance hot-spots
• Multi-array data striping, enabling any application to fully leverage the collective hardware resources of the scale-out group
• Seamless reconfiguration and hardware refreshes, without downtime
• Flexible configuration of any combination of Nimble Storage arrays, maximizing storage ROI

There is more information in the Nimble Storage document that can be downloaded here, but if you wish to discuss this in more details, please contact NG-IT and we can arrange a discussion.