NVMe is Changing Enterprise Flash Storage

NVMe for enterprise flash storage

We continue to see flash adoption rates trend upward for enterprise storage, but the real excitement will come from innovations that have emerged out of the flash revolution. One such innovation is NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express), developed to maximise the benefits of flash-based storage. It has been on a wave for the last couple of years and is poised to become the leading interface protocol for flash by 2019.

With today’s data becoming increasingly real-time in nature, businesses need a powerful next generation storage infrastructure solution that leverages the speed and efficiency of NVMe to deliver maximum performance to the most demanding enterprise applications.

How NVMe is different?

NVMe is a new protocol for accessing high-speed storage media that brings many advantages compared to legacy protocols. It has 65,000 command queues that can handle over 65000 commands each. This means that NVMe SSD drives can stay super fast in a highly demanding and compute intensive ecosystems.

What benefits can NVMe technology bring to enterprises?

Accelerated applications and real-time workload processing

NVMe offers significantly higher performance and lower latencies compared to legacy SAS and SATA protocols. This accelerates existing applications that require high performance and enables new applications and capabilities for real-time workload processing.

Reduced footprint and costs of ownership

Unlike conventional protocols NVMe doesn‘t consume as many CPU cycles to make data available to applications. Significantly reduced compute cycles means less wasted resources that cost enterprises real money. NVMe can handle the most demanding enterprise application workloads with a smaller footprint that allows businesses to reduce total costs of ownership and maximise returns on infrastructure investments.

Elimination of storage as bottleneck lets you do more with data

Growth of data and its evolving demands create new challenges. Many traditional SSDs can experience lower performance, higher latencies, and poor quality of service when confronted with some of the new challenges of fast data. NVMe‘s unique features help to avoid the bottlenecks for everything from traditional scale-up database applications to emerging edge computing architechtures and scale to meet new data demands. This bottleneck reduction can enpower businesses to make fast, real-time data based decisions.

Why data-driven businesses need NVMe?

NVMe is the only protocol that stands out in a highly demanding and compute intensive enterprise, cloud and edge data environments.

NVMe storage is already having a great impact on enterprises and what they can do with data, particularly in business scenarios where every microsecond counts. A few use case examples are finance and e-commerce where real-time customer interaction is crucial, DevOps (running more iterations in less time), artifcial intelligence, machine learning, big data, real-time analytics and other emerging technologies.

Want to do more with data? Speak to us to see if NVMe flash storage is the right solution for your current needs and infrastructure environment.