Nimble Storage Predictive All Flash Arrays Selected By Over 200 Organisations

Nimble Storage today announced its Predictive Flash platform has been selected by more than 9,000 enterprises and cloud service providers to provide fast, reliable access to data.  Since introducing its Predictive All Flash array in February 2016, the AF-Series has been purchased by more than 200 customers. More than half of the All Flash customers are “new to Nimble” customers, and a majority also leverage Adaptive Flash arrays. InfoSight Predictive Analytics stand out as a key competitive differentiation in the sales cycle, providing extreme simplicity of operations by predicting and preventing issues.

“Flash storage is a ridiculously competitive market. Enterprises have many vendors and products to evaluate when selecting infrastructure to accelerate business. We’re finding that our unique differentiation, InfoSight Predictive Analytics, gives us a leg up on the competition in the majority of competitive deals,” said Suresh Vasudevan, CEO, Nimble Storage. “Furthermore, by combining All Flash and Adaptive Flash arrays into a single architecture, we’re offering enterprises a flexible way to use all flash and hybrid arrays together to meet application performance needs. It is no surprise that the All Flash array adoption we’re experiencing is reminiscent of the early days of selling our Adaptive Flash arrays.”

The rapid adoption of the Nimble Storage All Flash array is attributed to the unparalleled differentiators Nimble can deliver with the new All Flash arrays including absolute performance, superior scalability and non-stop availability, at a total cost of ownership (TCO) that is up to 33 to 66 percent lower than competitive arrays. The All Flash arrays round out the Nimble portfolio of Predictive Flash arrays which include a series of Adaptive Flash arrays – all of which are supported by InfoSight Predictive Analytics.

According to IDC Research Director Eric Burgener, “Delivering a standout customer experience was a way that Nimble Storage strove to differentiate itself from established enterprise storage providers early on, and it has an excellent reputation among its customers for the overall experience of buying, using, and maintaining the Company’s flash-optimized products. Nimble Storage has consciously managed its customer care processes, putting in place product features (like extensive predictive analytics to proactively address looming trouble situations and nondisruptive technology refresh), internal procedures in both sales and support, and hiring practices focused on producing a differentiating customer experience.”