Nimble OS 5 is now GA!

On July 27th, HPE released the GA release of Nimble OS 5, available to all existing Nimble Storage arrays. The key features with this release are summarised as follows:
Introduces Deduplication to the Hybrid arrays. Whilst Deduplication has been available for the ALL-Flash arrays since their release, this release enables deduplication on the following models: CS3000, CS5000, CS7000, HF20(H), HF40 and HF60. The requirement is to have a minimum of 6 x SSDs in the systems and to ensure at least 8% Flash to Disk ratio. Deduplication can be enabled on a volume by volume basis.
Improved Compression algorithm that increases data space saving during low CPU load.
Additional vVOL workflows for protection, restore and cloning to improve backup, and DR activities when using vVOLs. These workflows have also been added to the vSphere HTML5 client, which also incorporates new monitoring capability for VMs.
In conjunction with the Nimble Windows toolkit 5, HPE Nimble Storage Volume Shadow Copy Service integration has been extended to include vVOLs. You can now use VSS to take application-consistent snapshots of Exchange or SQL Server, when the application is hosted on a vVOL.

The Nimble OS upgrade is still non-disruptive and easily performed from the Nimble GUI, but just check via InfoSight if you are able to upgrade directly to release from your current release, or whether you need to upgrade to an intermediate release first before jumping to version 5.

Any issues, contact us on or Nimble Support directly.

Free Nimble Analysis

InfoSight collects thousands of statistics from your arrays every day, giving you the means to understand many aspects of your storage including performance, capacity and efficiency.

Sometimes a second look from our experts can help provide any recommendations or optimisations for improvement.

We can do this in 3 easy steps.

1. Email with your Nimble array serial number.
2. Log into InfoSight and grant us permission
3. We will review your InfoSight data and produce a short summary of our findings.

If you are an existing customer, we should already have access to your InfoSight data; just get in touch with us if you want us to review your stats with you.