Nimble Storage Supports 40,000 MS Exchange 2010 Mailboxes in Just 3U!!

Results recently posted on Microsoft’s Exchange 2010 Solution Reviewed Program (ESRP) website show that the Nimble Storage CS460-X2 — a 3U, 12-disk system — can support 40,000 MS exchange mailboxes. That’s 10-20x more mailboxes per disk than any other published solution on the Microsoft website.

Nimble’s flash-optimised architecture accelerates read and write performance, and highly-efficient inline compression optimises capacity. Nimble customers running MS Exchange 2010 in production experience sub-millisecond latencies and an average compression rate of 1.8x.

The combination of highly performant and efficient storage in a compact 3U form factor results in a storage system that is on average 10x more efficient than other vendor’s reported results—certainly the most compelling ESRP result reported in a small factor.

 The CS-series’s unique integrated data protection with Microsoft VSS support also ensures that all 40,000 MS exchange mailboxes remain up and running during backup and therefore eliminating the concept of backup windows and the need for separate disk to disk storage for backup.