Disaster Strikes… Or Does It?!


Blog written by Anas Khan:

** The following events are based on a true story…. Kinda!! **

In the dead of night, a team of highly skilled individuals are stood in the middle of nowhere dressed entirely in black.

Before them lies a heavily guarded facility with guards patrolling and lights scouring the yard in front of the barbed wire fence.

The team cuts through the fence and take out a bunch of guards before dragging them away. They pick the locks and use one of the knocked out guards to get through the biometric security before covering the cameras with black paint and making their way to the racks of servers, networking and storage.

One of them is a techy, you know the type, the one that can magically create a program to hack into secure networks, write AI that automagically scan cameras to identify a specific person in seconds, find pictures online and create a program to analyse them and find out where they were taken (this guy/girl has obviously done some Azure training and talked themselves into a role).

The techy analyses the rack, pulls a drive from the storage array before inserting a pen drive that issues a worm to wipe all data. The team then retreats out of the data centre as invisibly as they had entered, and make their way to the helicopter nearby for their swift getaway.

The head of Super Heroes Inc. Is sat in his brightly lit office within a secret facility, which may or may not be off the B2130 in Dunsfold (Top Gear Race Track) when a high level employee runs in to give him the bad news:

Employee: Boss, there was a break in at our facility. Bad Guys Ltd got inside, stole a drive and wiped all our mission critical data. All systems are down!

The Boss is visibly furious and is about to summon a gathering of Super Heroes Inc management when…

Employee: Don’t worry Boss, I’ve already called NG-IT. They are the ones who designed and deployed our IT solution. Their Architect is on his way over now.

Pretty soon…..

The Boss: Thank you for coming at such short notice. We had a break in and it seems a drive has been stolen. I’m concerned they will have access to top secret information.

NG-IT Consultant: Don’t worry, your data is safe. They cant access it as it was protected with 256bit AES encryption at rest. Plus its partial data and therefore pretty useless on its own.

The Boss: Phew. But what about all the data they deleted. All our systems are down as a result.

NG-IT Consultant: I designed this with multiple layers of resiliency put in place, including SAN level snapshots, local and remote backups and disaster recovery to a secondary DC. We can recover data, or spin up your systems at your secondary facility from protected backups really quickly.

The Boss: What if our secondary facility has also been comprised? I sense this was a co-ordinated attack on our facilities.

NG-IT Consultant: We have a third copy to in the Public Cloud, so your data resides there too. We can also spin up your systems there if required.

The Boss: You really have thought of everything.

NG-IT Consultant: Indeed. These amateurs don’t have a clue about modern day IT infrastructure and business continuity planning. I’ll take a look and have all your systems up and running within the hour.

The Boss: WOW you guys are the real superheroes!!

NG-IT Consultant: I’m just doing my job but listen, whilst I’m here and this whole conversation is confidential…. what’s really in Area 51?

Ok that was layered with oozing’s of cheese but the truth is that you never know when disaster will strike. NG-IT can help put in a comprehensive backup, recovery and disaster recovery strategy to give you peace of mind and confidence for when it does. We can also categorically prevent the nastiest of malware from running, identify exploitable vulnerabilities in your environment on a daily basis as well as ensuring that any sensitive data such as trade secrets, credit card numbers, health records and other personal information is never dangerously exposed in the first place…leaving you to continue on your quest to save (or Avenge) the world.

** This is a work of fiction loosely based on a series of actual events. Names, characters, places and incidents either products of the author’s imagination.. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. **