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Perimeters without limits

We deliver unified cyber security to cloud enabled businesses that protects the enterprise and mobile workforce.

Three core principles define our solutions




We utilise next generation security technologies that deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to reinforce digital transformation and secure IT wherever you might take it.

Reduce complexity and increase control


Comprehensive data and user governance will reduce risk presented by poorly managed data and misaligned user access hierarchy. Enforce comprehensive password and permissions hygiene to meet least privilege standards.

Utilise technologies that apply rules-based data classification and control to meet best practice and compliance needs whilst significantly increasing visibility to data and user interactions and relationships.


Leverage new converged cyber security architectures designed specifically for shielding cloud enabled businesses. Protect users, critical applications and data regardless of location or device by dynamically applying security policies based on identities and context.

Detect threats from device or application and identify data leaks in real-time. Isolate networks by providing remote access to trusted devices only and enforce Zero Trust policies across your hybrid or mutli-cloud infrastructure.


Automated, machine intelligent tools that inspect and test your security measures and posture to identify exploits based on infrastructure vulnerabilities and poorly configured equipment.

Deliver simulated attacks and ethical exploits, while ensuring an undisrupted network operation. Interrogate IT assets with powerful audit and analysis of systems, data, directories and user hierarchy with clear detailed reporting tools that answer the critical questions you face from your cyber security challenges.

Like to know more?

At NG-IT our aim is to help you and your business to confidently adopt technologies that will enable competitive advantage in this new digital world, all within the boundaries of safety and governance.

Our teams work together to deliver innovative IT solutions that protect and empower your business, we do this by securing your critical data and ensuring secure access to your cloud and line of business applications no matter where they are.

The adoption of cloud and cloud provided services has redefined the way information technology is used across the world, the freedom to access applications and data from anywhere with an internet connection has truly revolutionised the way we work.

Because we understand how the cloud has transformed your business we understand the need for intelligent cyber security solutions that provide protection where it is needed, your data and network traffic is already in the cloud, why not protect it with cloud delivered security.

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