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Automated Penetration Testing | Data Discovery | Cloud Security |
Data Access Governance | OT Malware Prevention

What We Can Do For You

NG-IT help organisations to adopt groundbreaking Cybersecurity solutions that find and protect sensitive data, identify user vulnerabilities, and completely prevent malware on mission critical systems.
Our focus areas are Automated Penetration Testing, Data Discovery, Data Access Governance, Cloud Security and OT Malware Prevention.
We’re able to secure data, defend user credentials, enforce privacy by design – on any device, any application, anywhere – and stop harmful software from executing.

Automated Penetration Testing

Self-Learning Defence Validation

Self-learning, automated platform that identifies vulnerabilities that hackers would exploit. Agentless, plug & play deployment completes enterprise pen-tests in hours while ensuring an undisrupted network operation. Detailed reports are produced together with proposed remediations.

Data Discovery

Visibility & Control of Sensitive Data

Find, track and remediate sensitive data of any kind whether on-prem or in the cloud, on a server or workstation, unstructured or structured; purpose-built for data privacy regulations such as GDPR.

Cloud Security

Agentless Sensitive Data & Zero-Day Threat Protection

Cloud access security broker (CASB) that delivers real-time data and threat protection across all managed and unmanaged apps on any device without agents.  Control the flow of sensitive data into and away from the cloud with contextual access control. Monitor and control data at rest in the cloud via API’s.

Data Access Governance

Unstructured Data Management & User Credential Security

In-depth monitoring of file access and activity, establish who ‘owns’ the data, who’s using it and how access has been granted; quickly determine unsafe ‘open access’ conditions, identify stale data and automate regular access and entitlement reviews.

OT Malware Prevention

Operational Technology (OT) Cyberattack Prevention

Stop the execution of file or file-less Malware, in memory at runtime. Guided by digital DNA mapping, a lightweight endpoint sensor categorically protects Operational Technology (OT) and Controlled IT environments against cyber-attack related downtime.  Knowledge of past exploits or vulnerabilities is not required.

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