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Next generation cybersecurity for your next generation cloud
The adoption of cloud is phenomenal, gone are the physical boundaries of office walls with remote workers managed via VPN affording some level of control and protection. Today every member of staff has access to the latest piece of software, on the latest device from the latest manufacturer who is now one of thousands, and a new one will be along tomorrow.
Cloud sprawl is very real, it is too easy for a member of staff to sign up to something new without being sanctioned by IT, before you know it a well-meaning employee looking for ways to expedite their daily tasks and benefit your business has actually compromised the business, creating potential vulnerabilities or inadvertently breaking your data governance policies and GDPR.
Allowing your business to do business in this new digital world and adopt technologies that will enable competitive advantages all under the umbrella of safety and governance is a huge challenge.

At NG-IT our team work to empower IT to protect your business, securing access to your cloud and as a service applications no matter where they are, no matter which device has access, automatically testing your infrastructure against exploitable vulnerabilities 24×7, delivering intelligent insight and remediation options in minutes and hours instead of days and weeks.

Data is now said to be worth more than oil. Your data is precious, protect it with policies that govern who can and who cant access it, allow the right people at the right time to see the right data – and prove it. Demonstrate your business is robust and compliant with software that is always on watch.
We can deliver powerful, actionable results for your business quickly, with software that is non disruptive, agentless and easy to manage for IT whilst delivering real time information to management ensuring business policy is enforced. Protection for your business that just works – this is next generation cybersecurity from NG-IT, we look forward to helping your business get to better, faster.

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