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Secure Your Cloud, Protect Your Data

with solutions from NG-IT

How secure is your O365 data?

As more and more business adopt a flexible working approach they are becoming increasingly reliant on apps such as Microsoft 365 to enable collaboration and increased productivity and efficiencies for their workforce – but how do you ensure all of that work and data is protected?

Microsoft won’t be held responsible

Many organisations running Microsoft 365 mistakenly believe that Microsoft are frequently and securely backing up their data. This is not the case and it specifically states in Microsoft’s own terms and conditions that they recommend using a third party backup solution to protect and secure your data. If you do not have this in place, Microsoft has no obligation to recover all of your data and we know first had of organisations who have relied on Microsoft to backup their data only to be left at a complete loss when the worst happened and they were not able to recover it all.

So, the questions is, if your data was lost or fell victim to a ransomware attack, could you recover and restore it quickly and easily with minimal impact to the business?

The Solution

At NG-IT we can offer a simple but resilient backup and recovery solution that can be instantly scaled and allows you to recover your data with unlimited retention – you could be running your first back up in as little as 5 minutes!

Instant Scalability

Save time, money and resources with the ability to quickly and easily scale as and when your business requires.

Granular Data Protection

Restore Microsoft 365 Teams, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, and OneNote data with highly granular detail.

Unlimited Retention

Store your backed-up data for as long as you need with no storage limitations or additional costs.

Easy and Intuitive Interface

A simple and automated process with no need for manual intervention or expertise.

Point-in-time Retrieval

Easily recover and restore your data from a specific point in time, minimising the impact of data loss or corruption.

On-demand or Scheduled Backup

Schedule automated backups or initiate a backup of your data at any time.

Get Yourself Protected

Identify threats in a matter of minutes

Don’t take risks, expose them!

Once your data is secure, it’s vital to protect it.

Email is one of the most common methods used by malicious actors to infiltrate a company’s systems, access and steal sensitive data, or install ransomware. 98% of organisations with Office 365 harbour malicious emails within their mailboxes.

To prevent advanced email threats such as ransomware, phishing, and email impersonation, you need to secure all points of risk – not just mailboxes but also data and end users. It’s therefore critical to assess and understand your email security vulnerabilities.

Compliance is key

Many industries have regulations and standards that require companies to take certain measures to protect sensitive data and secure their systems. Organisations that lack knowledge of risks and threats to their environment and those without adequate protection are not only at increased risk of falling victim to a cyberattack but are also at risk of non-compliance.

If an organisation cannot demonstrate that they have taken proactive steps to protect their email systems and comply with industry regulations, they could face hefty fines if their data is ever compromised.

The Solution

Using a simple tool that will scan your emails and provide a detailed report of any threats it discovers, we can help you identify advanced security and compliance threats that already exist in your mailboxes.

Best of all – it’s completely free!

It takes only a matter of minutes to run so you can be on the road to a better protected business in no time!

Identify and prevent advanced threats

Stop threats before they damage email systems or compromise sensitive data.

Expose gaps in your Microsoft 365 Security

Identify vulnerabilities so you can act quickly and improve your email security.

See who is most vulnerable to a breach

Get detailed reports and alert your IT team of any potential threats or compliance issues.

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