Cloud Readiness Assessment

Cloud is a journey, not a destination

Organisations are increasingly trying to realise the promise of public cloud deployments: Reducing costs across IT, increasing time to value, reduced risk, elasticity of computing resources. As organisations adopt cloud services, the typical perception is that the cloud is the solution to all problems. In reality, cloud is a concept with many options, and in order to evaluate the right options for your business, a number of questions need to be considered:

• What cloud deployment model will best suit your organisation – (private/public/hybrid/multi)?
• How will factors like compliance, security, networking capability and legacy applications affect your decisions around deployment?
• How will you configure services to get the value you envisage from the public cloud?
• How do you avoid data egress difficulties and high costs of poorly planned cloud service usage.

How we can help?

Our services equip you with the resources, skills and knowledge to help you make the right decisions. We will work closely with you to review and understand your existing environment. Instead of undertaking a mass migration, understanding which applications need to remain in the datacentre to avoid latency and performance issues, and which are suitable for relocating in the public cloud and leveraging cost and time saving is key.

The right solution

By taking a more holistic, strategic and enterprise architecture led approach to cloud deployment, organisations can realise the possibilities of the public cloud whilst avoiding costly pitfalls.

To understand more, register below to arrange a cloud readiness assessment, and ensure your cloud migration is smooth and successful.