Bring your own device (BYOD) with Nimble Storage’s VDI data storage

If your business is under increasing pressure to make its IT budget go further, why not opt to deploy a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). Desktop virtualisation does not just bring time and cost efficiencies but also makes your IT ready for a bring your own device (BYOD) programme.

With traditional systems, when it comes to software upgrades or maintenance, each machine needed upgrading and monitoring individually, which is incredibly time consuming – especially if you need to deploy a new brand new application or system, however with VDI you can deploy multiple desktops in a short period of time and provide upgrades to existing software centrally with minimal effort.

There are many advantages to using a VDI with Nimble Storage:

  • Users have a consistent performance with dynamic caching and a write-optimized data layout, for increased productivity
  • More virtual desktops and data can be consolidated on a single array to improve  your return on investment
  • Maximize uptime with highly available storage and efficient disaster recovery, with the ability to back up and restore data in minutes, efficiently solving the problem of protecting end-user data without disrupting access or performance.

VDI deployment also helps improve security on-premise, as all of the data is held in the datacentre, rather than cached locally on users’ end-point devices.

Using VDI you can allow staff to connect to the desktops from their personal devices – helping them to keep abreast of information on the go using a BYOD strategy.

Having a BYOD strategy has many potential benefits within your business. It can cut costs by allowing staff to bring their own devices to work and therefore saves money versus issuing devices yourself. Another advantage of BYOD is that it integrates seamlessly into a mobile and cloud-focused IT strategy.

To find out more about how Nimble Storage can accelerate your VDI, or advice on deploying a bring your own device strategy, Contact us today.