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Helping you to enable your staff with Next Generation Cloud as quickly as your business demands

Focusing on 3 key areas, our experts work with you to deliver your perfect cloud




We take the building blocks of cloud and using proven strategies present you with the most cost effective, easy to deploy solution, to empower your business and deliver digital transformation.

The simple building blocks

Understand what you have so you can understand what you need

Let us help you understand your current IT landscape, analyse capacity and performance utilisation, backup and disaster recovery strategy, high availability, scalability and future requirements.

A better understanding of your requirements means a better solution to accommodate your future needs.

How you manage your data, defines the solution you need

Modern data management delivers backup, instant recovery, replication, search, analytics, archival, compliance, and copy data management in one secure fabric across your datacentre and public cloud. The effectiveness of these processes determines the efficiency at which your business operates, and can result in significant operational and cost savings.

Improving data management processes will reduce operational overhead.

Immediate access to data is essential to maintain a competitive edge

Storage underpins the components of the infrastructure in your datacentre, delivering the capacity and performance for all your application's data. Choosing the right storage solution is critical in ensuring your applications function as your business demands, whilst also considering scalability, high availability, efficiency and data security.

Next generation storage solutions give our customers a competitive edge.

Next generation private cloud

Converged infrastructure integrates best of breed storage, networking, and computing and scales seamlessly in line with your changing business requirements. While other approaches tend to proliferate operational complexity and inefficiency, increase costs, and hamper IT/business productivity, converged infrastructure provides a proven reference architecture to streamline deployment and time-to-value.

Converged infrastructure allows our customers to meet the evolving and dynamic demands of the modern workforce with next generation private cloud.

Buy it, ready built

Hyper-convergence is a ground-up rethinking of all the services that comprise the datacentre. It is a way to enable cloud-like economics and scale without compromising the performance, reliability, and availability you expect in your own datacentre. Hyper-converged technology natively converges compute, virtualisation and storage into a resilient, preconfigured appliance with a common toolset all supported by a single vendor.

Hyper-converged solutions have allowed our customers to redeploy operational resources from installing and maintaining infrastructure to delivering innovative business value.

Don’t be restricted by hardware again

The software defined datacentre (SDDC) delivers all the elements of datacentre infrastructure including storage, compute and networking using software. By abstracting these components from hardware, the SDDC extends virtualisation concepts to deliver flexibility, control, scale and cost, using pooled resources from commodity hardware.

The SDDC can redefine many IT processes—including standardisation, automation and metering, improving service delivery, execution and assurance.

Public or private? Have the best of both worlds

Hybrid cloud uses a mix of on-premises private cloud and public cloud services with orchestration between the two platforms. By moving workloads between private and public clouds as business needs and costs dictate, hybrid cloud gives our customers greater flexibility and more deployment options.

Hybrid Cloud enables our customers to provide ‘business correct’ services to their customers.

Protecting any device, any application, anywhere

Our cybersecurity solutions tackle a diverse spectrum of risks. Whether our customers need complete visibility of their sensitive data, file activity monitoring, detecting suspicious users, pinpointing data owners, identifying vulnerabilities or completely preventing malware on their mission critical systems we can provide a solution that meets their needs.

We’re able to secure our customers data, defend user credentials, enforce privacy by design and stop harmful software from executing.

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Our success helping businesses like yours speaks for itself



15,000+ TB

NG-IT have deployed over 200 private or hybrid cloud solutions including migrating in excess of 40,000 applications and 15,000 TB’s of data.
  • David Reese, ICT Infrastructure Team Leader at Xentrall ICT Services

    "Our immediate perception of the NG-IT team was that they were very switched on and extremely responsive to our needs. Other suppliers we had encountered during the evaluation process were very sales focused, presenting us with a solution which wasn’t really customised to suit our needs."
  • Tony Doyle, Head of IT at Blackpool Council

    "We are able to provision new business systems in hours instead of weeks and now have a flexible and scalable data centre infrastructure 75% smaller and three times more powerful than our last."
  • David Mould, ICT Operations Manager, RNIB

    "To go from an idea, to gaining approval and then installation in the time taken for this solution has been a complete revelation."

Need a reason to choose a solution from us? Here’s five:

Superior performance

Optimise business applications and data storage to adapt to the variable demands of the most critical workloads.

Lower costs

Keep costs low with efficient infrastructure and simple management.

Increased flexibility

Flexibly and easily scale to handle growing and increasing end-user needs.

Enhanced protection

Enable frequent and fast backup, simplified recovery, and affordable disaster recovery.

Reduced Risk

Simplify deployment & increase time to adoption of new business applications with proven solutions.

A better way forward

With a solution from NG-IT meeting business criteria around service levels, costs and timing is easy.
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